Weather for week 2, in Vancouver, generally sunny, one or two showers, 18C-22C.Weather in the Peak District, I missed most of the daily forecasts, have yet to find a good retro site, but the long range forecast was for cooler and cloudy to begin the week, strong possibilities of showers, worsening by weekend.

A good week of progress, managed 15.5 miles for the week, building toward the end with a Saturday seawall walk from Moberly (Monk McQueen’s) to Granville Island and back.

In the Peak District, skirted the western slopes of Kinder Scout, and Kinder Edge, so walking on familiar hard Millstone Grit and sandstones which give the rugged edges and cliffs.                    Untitled   wsesttrail on moor edge

Later, dropped from the scarp, and headed across Featherbed Moss. Some trail building here, to protect the delicate peat moss moorlands.

looking back to Kinder edgeuntamed bog bog walk


Cross the Snake Pass A57 Manchester to Sheffield, and head toward Bleaklow, then down to Torside and Crowden


sheep civilization, Crowder



Back up to the moors

hikers near crowden? clouds gathering



And on to Black TorBlack hill Laddow Rocks Bareholm Moss ; Black Tor