Hope Valley, Derbyshire

Hope Valley, Derbyshire (Photo credit: Lionel1939)

English: Grindsbrook Clough. A deep clough pen...

English: Grindsbrook Clough. A deep clough penetrates the high plateau of Kinder Scout above Edale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Week One. Weather (from BBC) warmish, 19C, expected to cool down toward end of the week to 12/13C. Started in the village of Edale. I remember this vaguely from my pre-teen years walking in the Hope Valley, and have vague recollections of visiting the Edale Youth Hostel one weekend as a teenager in the late 1950’s. It being May 26, Trinity Sunday, appropriate that the Edale village church is Trinity Church.

My real life progress, in hospital, apartment hallways and False Creek Seawall, has been 7.7 miles this week. Weather rainy to start, improving later to 23C at the weekend, hundreds of people out on the seawall, walking jogging biking, blading, ambling, enjoying the sun, boats in the harbour. Life is good.

English: The Edale Village Church, Derbyshire

English: The Edale Village Church, Derbyshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not sure of the exact trail yet, maps still being sought, but a superimposition of National Park maps and Google show it skirting Kinder Scout on the west flank. Pics of the peak and surroundings follows.  Not sure of all my blogging techniques yet, have some other pics to add, but can’t intuitively find out how to do it in draft edit mode.